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L and S lived in Nørrebro in Copenhagen. They both enjoyed the green and blue areas of the city.
islands brygge
R and C got married and moved into a beautiful yellow brick townhouse at Islands Brygge, inspiring the colors of the design.
Z and M met and moved in together. C was born and they moved. They moved again and M was born. Two singles became a couple. They became four and a new family.
T and S lived right in the middle of the vibrant Copenhagen neighborhood Nørrebro.
K and AS lived in Sydhavnen where the city and the waterfront were renegotiating their borders in new playful ways.
we have the musc
A celebration of the Copenhagen music scene. Each line featuring places of familiarity, so chances are that if you like one place on a line, you’ll most likely like the others too.
M and M lived together in Frederiksberg in Copenhagen. Right by the old hospital in a mix of modern city grid streets and organic paths of ancient times.
A and R lived in Århus with their two kids C and A. All had their places and paths, and all had places they shared.
I moved to Copenhagen when I was 20 years old, and I have been exploring the city and all its wonderful green spots as a child ever since.